Dream Capsules

A wedding day is one of the most exciting events that one can ever Dream about in their lifetime. When the day finally arrives Luna photography’s goal is to capture your event in the best manner possible; by preserving and creating a Dream Capsule for you to experience it all over again.

Capturing the Stills of Life

The vows have been expressed and rings exchanged, the first kisses have been given and the wedding cake has been cut. Now you want to relive these moments in a manner that vividly recalls every detail, every smile and every tear of joy that has led up to this momentous occasion.

The Process

The priority is to capture the distinctiveness and beauty of your very special day as it unfolds, creating a memorable portrayal of your joyous event.

The Style

The style is photojournalistic from a high fashion perspective. We approach each wedding in a unique manner. Each couple is distinct in their own way, and the aim is to capture their exceptional moment by highlighting every nuance of the culmination of their vision.

The Goal

The goal is simple…

Capturing the stills of your life.

- Luna