About Jeny& The Creative Luna Team

Luna Photography is a Visual Documentation company, based in Providence, RI, specializing in wedding photography, but enjoys fashion and cultural documentation.

Luna Photography’s style of visual documentation is influenced by elements of photojournalism, fashion and current and traditional art forms, and is best described as an eclectic mix of thought-provoking visual presentations. 

The overall goal is to connect with the client on a level that allows the essence and feeling of the moment to be captured in a manner that can be re-lived and passed on to future generations.  Satisfaction is our consistent aim, quality, class and style is how we approach every project we take on.

 Weddings, Fashion Events, Cultural Events, Hip Hop Showcases, Art Exhibits or Portraiture, the result will always be the same; “My point of view capturing your stills of life.”

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Jeny Luna Hernandez (Owner/Lead Photographer)

PHONE: 401-669-3305

EMAIL: lunafoto@me.com

FB: LunaPhotography401

IG & Twitter : lunafoto401

Jeny Luna

“My point of view capturing your stills of life.”


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